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A Brand is More Than A Logo

Your brand is your company’s values, mission, and long-term goals, as well as the voice and personality your company uses to communicate the value you provide to customers.

The ability to communicate to your customer exactly who you are and what you stand for can put your business head and shoulders above your competitors. With our brand packages, our branding experts help you communicate your company’s vision and value at a glance.

No matter who’s on your team, Humble & Hustle Studios creates consistency in your communication. Consistency builds trust, which over time, builds sustainable revenue and business growth.

Stay True to You

We Develop Bespoke Brand Identities

When we look at a brand, we see more than images. Our process isn’t just visual: Your brand voice and personality make up a larger part of your branding than your logo does!

We pride ourselves on our ability to immerse ourselves in your brand personality. From that, we help you develop a bespoke brand that creates a comprehensive experience for your audience. This includes logos, social media images, colors, and messaging that stay true to your brand personality.

Our process to build this framework focuses on understanding the vision and drive behind your business, and documenting that in a report format that can serve as a touchstone in your marketing strategy as your business grows.


The Self-Guided Alternative

When you nail down your brand personality, you have a consistent way to communicate with customers as your business grows. By focusing on brand personality and voice, your business becomes more engaging for your audience and will lead to easier conversions and a more loyal customer base.

Over the course of 6 modules, we help you document your brand personality, find your business’ voice, and build your Brand Personality Road Map. This road map helps keep your messaging consistent, no matter who is communicating with your customers, and is a reference point for your team as your company grows, brings on new team members, or works with outside consultants.

The Basic Building Block of Your Marketing

Brand Personality Bootcamp

What We Can Do For You

Our Process

Our Brand Personality Process was developed through research over several years. We don’t stop at creating a gorgeous logo — we dig into your company’s mission, values, and purpose. This process helps companies build a stronger brand and a sustainable business model.


What do you want to accomplish with your business? What goals do you want to reach?

Mission & Vision

You started your business for a reason. Your brand should reflect your values and your mission.


Voice & Personality

People like to do business with people, not logos. We’ll create an authentic voice and personality for your business to communicate through.


Your customers do business with you because they see the value of your services. Let’s make sure the value of your services shine!

Ditch the Overwhelm

Why Work With An Agency

Branding can be an in-depth, overwhelming process. Business owners who are trying to run their business day-to-day often don’t have time to dig deep into this process. This is why so many never develop a brand that connects on an emotional level with their customers. A strong brand should help your business break through the clutter in digital marketing and grab your ideal customer’s attention. A powerful brand should turn prospects into loyal customers, and loyal customers into evangelists for your company.

The Humble & Hustle Studios team has spent years developing our Brand Personality Process, studying the research and psychology behind branding, and understanding the investments big businesses have made into this field. Our process is designed to ensure that your brand has a message that connects with your target customers, and that your messaging reflects this value in every interaction. With every marketing touchpoint, you’ll be able to show up with compelling, authentic marketing messages that allow the value of your services to shine.

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