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Digital Marketing Editorial Calendar

It’s time to start planning your marketing without the stress and overwhelm. 

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How do you keep marketing from eating all your time?

Small business owners have too many tasks on their to-do list every day. We know that marketing your business often falls to the bottom of that list — if you even remember to do it at all!

As an agency, we do a lot of our work on social media, but we also have blogs to write, podcasts to edit, and ads to manage. It’s a lot of content to wrangle, and it was critical that we had a way to manage that content without anything slipping through the cracks. And now we’re sharing the very tool we use to keep all this content organized!

This resource is free to you! Built with Google Sheets, it’s yours to copy, adapt, and edit to fit your unique business needs.

Use this template to:

    • Plan ahead for promotions, celebrations, and other noteworthy content
    • Keep your team on the same page, so you aren’t cross-posting
    • Track your results so you know what strategies are working
    • Ensure you stay consistent — the most important part of marketing strategies!

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